Board of Trustee Message

Dr. Virginia Joseph , Assistant Professor, Behavioral Science Department of Clinical Sciences

Ms Virginia Joseph is a licensed Counselling Psychologist with over 20 years work experience both in St Lucia and the UK.
Graduated from university of East London in 2007, she completed her master’s in counselling psychology with Regents School of Counselling and Psychotherapy (2011) and in the process of completing a professional doctorate in Counselling Psychology.
Ms Joseph has over 11 years’ experience as a lecturer.
Before joining Spartan Health Science University in May 2015, she worked as an assistant professor with International American University (IAU) in St Lucia. Ms Joseph also works as a consultant providing training, CME and workshops on a wide range of mental health issues over the years with both public and private organisations as well Government of St Lucia.
Ms Joseph is an active researcher on mental health issues, also a contributing author in a book “Exploring the Pressures of Medical Education from a Mental Health and Wellness Perspective.” Founder and director of Spartan Mental Health Awareness Trust (SMHAT) a group with medical students aim at de-stigmatizing mental illness established in 2015.
Ms Joseph brings to Spartan Health Science University her unique combination of related experience of academic and clinical skills.