Board of Trustee Message

Dr. Pravin R Rathod Assistant Dean of Admission Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy

Dr. Pravin R Rathod is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anatomy and serves as the Assistant Dean of Admission at Spartan Health Sciences University.
With an extensive academic and professional background. With total 8yrs of teaching and 15 yrs. of clinical experience, Dr. Rathod obtained his M.B.B.S from Mumbai University and M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) in Anatomy from Maharashtra Medical Council of India. Both the degree is accredited by the National Medical Commission of India.
Throughout his career, Dr. Rathod has actively pursued further learning and specialization opportunities. He completed a course on Research on Sexual and Reproductive Health organized by the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (World Health Organization, Geneva) in collaboration with the Department of Reproductive Health and Research. Additionally, he underwent training in Histo-techniques, special and immunohistochemical staining, and museum techniques at the Department of Neuropathology of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS).
Dr. Rathod's professional development extends beyond his academic pursuits. He successfully completed the Critical Care Management training program at Breach Candy Hospital & Research Centre in India. He also holds a one-year diploma course in Disaster Management from Sikkim Manipal University, and he has acquired proficiency in computer operating through a course organized by the Central Government of India.
Dr. Rathod's research contributions are notable. He presented a thesis on 'Morphometric study of the Sacrum in Navi Mumbai population' during his M.D. program. He also completed a project on the 'Prevalence of depression amongst 1st-year M.B.B.S. students at M.G.M. University' under the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Furthermore, he has served as a research mentor for several projects, including 'Morphometric case study of 'wandering' fibroid with developmental correlation' and 'Histogenesis of motor neurons in the spinal cord and brainstem with special reference to the pyramidal tract in the fetus of different gestational groups.' Dr. Rathod's expertise and dedication have been recognized through various accolades. He participated in a paper presentation on degenerative diseases in the Neuropathology category at the State-level conference organized by the Anatomy Department of Mahatma Gandhi Mission Institute of Health Sciences University.
His research paper, titled 'Comparative study of degenerative changes in normal and Alzheimer's disease brain,' received the first prize and was awarded a Gold Medal.
Dr. Pravin R Rathod is a dedicated medical professional with a deep commitment to lifelong learning and knowledge enhancement. His passion for staying updated in the field of medicine has driven him to pursue various Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs and medical courses. Notably, he has completed online courses at renowned institutions such as Edinburgh University and Duke University, specifically focusing on neurodegenerative diseases.
With a multifaceted background and a keen interest in medical education, Dr. Rathod actively teaches Basic Science students across different trimesters. His areas of expertise include Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Histology, and Neuroanatomy. As part of his teaching responsibilities, he conducts lectures, guides cadaver dissections, demonstrates Embryology models, and provides valuable insights into Osteology, Radiology, and Histology.
Dr. Rathod's teaching experience extends to both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students pursuing various medical, paramedical, and non-clinical courses. In addition to his academic pursuits, he actively conducts research on Alzheimer's Disease and age-related degenerative changes in the human brain. His contributions to the field of anatomy through original research publications have further solidified his commitment to advancing medical knowledge and inspiring the future generation of healthcare professionals.
In addition to his teaching and research roles, Dr. Rathod serves as an NBME (National Board of Medical Examination) "Test constructor coordinator" since January 2023, where he contributes to the development and evaluation of medical examinations. Furthermore, he actively participates in various University committees, leveraging his expertise and insights to contribute meaningfully to the academic community. Dr. Rathod's dedication to his profession is evident through his membership in various National and International Medical associations, where he collaborates with like-minded professionals to stay abreast of the latest developments and advancements in the medical field.