Board of Trustee Message

Dr. Yulia Antonenko Volkova Assistant Professor, ICM Department of Clinical Sciences

Dr. Yulia is a medical educator with extensive experience in teaching clinical skills to students in the preclinical phase of their medical training.
She is a graduate of the American University of Antigua College of Medicine (W.I.).
Dr. Yulia Joined SHSU in the year 2022 as Assistant Professor.
Dr. Volkova is ECFMG certified. She has been a Fellow of the American Center for Investigative Cardiology and Research Associate at the Howard University Exercise & Nutritional Sciences Laboratory (USA).
Her publications in peer-reviewed journals span the basic and clinical science areas of nutrition and exercise as preventive treatments for cardiovascular disease, as well as neurotherapies for increasing neurogenesis and improving learning and memory functions.
She has expertise in designing and implementing community health fairs for medical screening of disadvantaged, underserved populations. Dr. Yulia’s certification as a Yoga-Pilates instructor supports her interest in functional and integrative medicine.