The Spartan Students Association (SSA) is the main on campus students’ organization that represents the overall student body. The SSA executive officers are elected each trimester as well as each class representative. They liaise with the administration of the school to meet the needs of the students.

The SSA is also responsible for organizing numerous students’ functions such as the Welcome back BBQ, which is organized at the end of the first week of each trimester, the Taste of Spartan which is the major on-campus school event, and takes place at mid-trimester. ‘The Spartan games’ is another event that takes place towards the end of the trimester. The SSA also has a snack store with two local employees, where snacks are sold to students. The funds collected from the store and the SSA dues, are used to fund all SSA functions. The SSA also supports the Spartan AMSA in organizing numerous community outreach programs.